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South West Hygiene has a range of wall mounted foam or liquid soap dispensers and provides refill services for commercial washrooms to ensure a constant service level for your users. All soap dispensers are stylish, robust and very reliable with non-clog, non drip valves. The clean lines and integrated pusher make them easy to wipe down and very difficult for bacteria to adhere to the surface which also helps to reduce employee absenteeism. South West Hygiene use the highest quality hand soaps which shows staff and visitors that you operate and maintain high standards within your company. We also supply a premium range of cleansers, washes and lotions which take skin and hair care back to nature being paraben-free and containing far higher levels of natural ingredients than most mainstream soaps.

Foam Soap Dispenser


A wide range of stylish and attractive foam soap dispensers.Aroma Foam Soap DispenserChild Foam Soap DispenserFoam Soap Dispenser

Foam soap will last a lot longer than liquid soap, making this a more cost effective choice.

Creates creamy lather for luxurious hand washing.

InstantInstant Foam Soap DispenserInstant Foam Soap Dispenser
  • Efficient foam soap
  • Anti-clogging valves
  • Push button convenience
  • Compact designs saves space
  • Foam soap dispensers are suitable for every location and come in a range of different colours.
  • Efficient and attractive

Liquid Soap Dispensers

    Soap Dispenser
  • Simple design made easy clean with nonclog, nondrip valve for smooth reliable operation
  • Pump pre-measures just the right amount...every time
  • Functionality in every detail
  • Robust construction makes them long-lasting
  • Smooth dispensers, rounded surfaces: easy to clean
  • Bulk or cartridge refill

Choice of soap to meet all skin care needs


    Pearlised Soap
  • Superbly gentle lotion
  • Hand wash for all hand
  • Washing locations
  • Gentle and mild to the skin


    Antibacterial Soap
  • Non-perfumed hand wash
  • For use in hospitals
  • Kitchens and all food
  • Preparation rooms
Pasture Luxurious Skincare  

Neem Tree


• Margosa from the Indian Neem Tree
• Sweet Orange Oil
• Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
• Hydrating
• Eliminates Odours
• Improves skins barrier function
• 600 pumps per bottle


Hand Lotion  

Indian Mulberry

• Noni Fruit from Indian Pacific Islands
• Moisturising, energising, anti-oxidant
• Good for sensitive skin
• Improves elasticity
• Known as the aspirin of ancient times
• 600 pumps per bottle


Bath and Shower  

Chinese Ginger

• From unpeeled Ginger Roots
• Stimulates micro-circulation for revitalised skin
• Tones and stimulates
• Leaves skin feeling refreshed and alive
• Warming anti-inflammatory effect
• 600 pumps per bottle



Olive Kernel

• Crushed Mediterranean Olive Kernels
• Supports hair and scalp natural defence systems
• Maintains good body and skin fitness
• Protein, starch, fibre and minerals
• Enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants
• 600 pumps per bottle


Hand Sanitiser  


• Vitamin E enriched
• Quick drying, leaves hands feeling soft
• Natural antioxident barrier
• Effective against Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus (MRSA)
• Approved to EN1040
• 600 pumps per bottle

Wall Holder

• Secure and presents single or double bottles
• Unique top-loading design for easy bottle changing
• A stunning addition to any washroom
• Beautifully crafted solid stainless steel or solid aluminium
• Discounted starter packs available



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