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Linen Roller Towels


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Linen roller towels are a very popular solution for hand drying; research shows that many people still prefer to use a cotton towel over any other drying method as they are the quickest and most comfortable method of drying hands. Linen roller towel dispensers are supplied and installed by our trained engineers for free - they are designed to withstand heavy usage and are very durable. Roller towels are also a more effective way of removing any remaining bacteria from wet hands, making it one of the most hygienic methods of hand drying - they don't create any waste in the washroom unlike paper dispensers.

Linen Roller Towels

Towel CabinetBenefits:

  • Cabinets supplied and installed Free On Loan
  • Very economical and good value for money
  • Changed weekly allowing exact cost budgeting
  • Soiled and clean kept separate for maximum hygiene
  • 100% Cotton woven for greater absorbency
  • Modern Cabinet design to reduce jamming
  • Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly

 The Towel Cabinet Service

  • Weekly exchange of soiled towel for laundering at high temperature (80° C) to remove any stains, sanitize and sterilize the towel
  • Hand checked for wear / tear and length. Towel that do not meet our standards are immediately removed from services
  • White towels are suitable for non-industrial sites
  • Blue towels are suitable for all applications

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