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Biodegradeable Sanitary Bin

TerraCyclic™ is the only sanitary disposal unit in the world made from biodegradable plastics and chemicals and designed not to be reused. It is completely safe to return to the earth through normal refuse disposal. Once land filled the plastic components do breakdown and will not leach any chemicals into the soil.

The cylinder design and size guarantee that it is a discreet addition to any washroom, particularly unisex toilets and in confined spaces. The slim line, compact unit requires less space than conventional units, allowing more room for rest room users and in particular suits smaller modern cubicles.

Wall mounted
Cylinders can be wall mounted to further maximise cubicle space, making cubicle cleaning easier and resulting in less damage to the cylinders themselves.

Cylinders come in three sizes:
Small: 6.5 litre, 50cm tall x 15cm in diameter.
Regular: 13 litre, 70cm tall x 15cm in diameter.
Large: 26 litre, 80cm tall x 20cm in diameter.

Unique System
TerraCyclic's™ unique design allows it to be utilised by smaller centres without a full servicing plant, isolated businesses that cannot be reached for servicing, businesses that have fluctuating use of sanitary disposal units and especially designed to fit in modern, compact bathrooms.

TerraCyclic™ easily copes with seasonal or sudden fluctuations in use at sporting events, concerts, holiday hot spots, beaches and resorts.

The units can be manufactured in white or stainless steel


Terracyclic Biodegradeable

Terracyclic Biodegradeable Sanitary Disposal Unit

Large and Regular Terracyclic SDU

White Bio SDU

Eco Hand Dryer

A fast drying economical hand dryer within a stylish design, the South West Hygiene Eco Hand dryer offers reduced drying times and improved running costs.

  • Operating voltage 220–240 Vac, 50Hz
  • Air speed 64 m/s (140 m3/h),
  • Motor type 640W adjustable brush type
  • Heater element 240W thermal protected
  • Power 900 watts
  • Drying time Under 10 seconds
  • Circuit operation Infrared automatic, self adjusting
  • Timing protection 60 seconds auto shut off
  • Drip proof IP22
  • Unit size 300 x 280 x 175mm Finish White/silver (die cast aluminium)
  • Decibel rating 70 dba @ 1 mtr
  • Approvals CE, WEEE
Ultraflow Hair Dryer


HYScent Air Freshener

A ground-breaking odour control and air freshening device brought to you by South West Hygiene.
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Dual-Scent Capability

    • Dual-scent capability combats olfactory numbness.
    • HYScent can be set to alternate between two different fragrances, thus preventing your nose from becoming “numb” to the same scent.

Unparalleled Performance

    • HYScent fragrances are available with Odourfoyl®, a unique fragrance design that actually eliminates malodours, odorizing up to 3,000 cubic feet of space.

Aesthetically Sleek

    • HYScent’s unique cylindrical design offers an ergonomic look.

Environmentally Friendly

    • HYScent is an essential oil-based system and does not use aerosols or other harmful propellants.
    • HYScent fragrances contain absolutely no solvents and all refill cartridges are 100% recyclable.


    • Fully customizable settings allow you to program the HYScent specifically for your facility’s needs.

Multiple Mounting Options

    • HYScent can be wall mounted (horizontally or vertically) or table mounted with a stand, providing flexible space-saving options.

Silent Operation

    • HYScent’s dual-fan technology runs silently. The smell and a small indicator light are the only ways you will know that HYScent is in operation.


    • HYScent device dimensions: W 9.45” (240mm), H 3.19” (81mm), D 3.19” (81mm).
    • HYScent available in different colours (White, Black and Chrome) in order to match or complement existing facility look.
    • Refill cartridges available in White and Black to match the device.
    • Refill cartridges last between 48 and 63 days.
    • YScent operates using 2 D-cell batteries. Batteries last for up to one year.
    • 3-year limited warranty.

Chrome HyScent
HyScent Air Freshener

Cartridge and Drawing


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